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Hurricane Matthew Update

Hurricane Matthew which made landfall approximately two weeks ago continues to have significant impact in North and South Carolina primarily in terms of flooding, accessibility, and power. Many of the rivers in these states just crested at the beginning of this week but still remain in flood stage. NAMFS reached out to several of our members for current information. 

According to Nicole McPherson, board member, and Michael Weddington it is going to be several weeks for some places in SC and NC for things to get back to normal. 

 "The flooding has been some of the worst.  They finally got a detour for the part of I-95 that was damaged but the detour is about 3 hours long."- Nicole McPherson

NAMFS understands the need for timely information regarding disaster updates. NAMFS also requests consideration for the safety of individuals providing services that have been impacted by the hurricane. It is imperative that all parties understand the challenges that an event of this magnitude can cause and that demanding immediate completion of services is not always possible.

NCDOT Click here for road closings.

38 NC counties are under alert, including Cumberland, Johnston, Wayne, Harnett, and Nash counties. Click here for more details

FEMA-4285-DR, North Carolina Disaster Declaration as of 10/17/2016

Per Nicole, "NC is in pretty bad shape from Lumberton up into parts of Wake County and then over to the coast. Coastal NC up to the VA border also has some areas in bad shape."

SCDOT latest update on #HurricaneMatthew closures: 274 roads 26 bridges. Click here for the 23-page report for a county by county breakdown of closures.

FEMA-4286-DR, South Carolina Disaster Declaration as of 10/18/2016

Nicole also stated that there are areas in Myrtle Beach/Socastee that have water levels that are significantly high.

It is hard to believe, but it is that time of year to begin taking the appropriate steps to protecting your properties from freeze damage. Cooler temperatures are upon us, and soon many areas of the country will be battling freezing to subzero temperatures.

In various parts around the country, the lack of winterization will almost certainly result in freeze damage; including broken pipes, cracked fixtures, toilets and water closets. Beyond these direct damages, the consequential damages to ceilings, walls, floors, cabinets, etc. can be catastrophic. Furthermore, ice, which expands to damage your pipes and fixtures in its solid state, subsequently turns back to its liquid state adding a moisture source to your property, providing a perfect environment for rampant mold growth and all its resulting damages. If not identified and properly addressed, the very viability of the property may be in jeopardy. Unprotected properties have been found with waterfalls cascading over ice from the third floor all the way to the cellar. Horror stories include police reporting a safety risk due to ice forming in the road which was then tracked back up the driveway to the overflowing cellar. Winterization protects your property from these types of damages, thus saving your company thousands of dollars per property. While it carries a cost, winterization is a prudent investment in your property.

Many areas of the country have or will start winterizing soon. The dates vary throughout the country and by investor. Some customers are opting for winterizing year-round. This assures you the property is protected. It removes the rush, workload peak, and risk of missing a property. It is difficult if you are sitting in Honolulu, Miami, Atlanta, or some other warm sunny location to maintain the proper focus on protecting your Denver, Madison, and Boston properties from freeze damage, but it is time and effort well spent. Don't put it off. A sudden cold snap will put you in the unnecessary high stressed position of needing a rush order and the risk of significant damage to your asset.

It is indeed time to be getting your properties winterized. Soon our friends in Minneapolis will consider a high of 38 a heat wave! And the folks in Miami will be shaking their heads in disbelief that anyone can survive in such an environment. Make sure your properties have been properly prepared to survive the freeze conditions that will soon be upon us.


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Washington State law / Supreme Court ruling:


The Washington Supreme Court ruled that securing a property before foreclosure sale is completed constitutes “taking possession” of the property and is in violation of the Washington state law RCW 7.28.30.


When placing work orders on NFROnline you will receive the following prompt:

The property is located in the state of Washington and is subject to the requirements under RCW 7.28.230. Please confirm that those requirements have been met prior to ordering securing of the property.


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The court ruling and law are available in the Industry Links section (below).

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