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Federal Housing Finance Agency - Office of Inspector General’s FHFA Oversight of Enterprise Controls Over Pre-Foreclosure Property Inspections Audit Report AUD-2014-012 March 25, 2014

We have you covered….

In response to the Federal Housing Finance Agency - Office of Inspector General’s FHFA Oversight of Enterprise Controls Over Pre-Foreclosure Property Inspections Audit Report AUD-2014-012 March 25, 2014 please be assured we recognize these risks and are diligently, productively, and effectively mitigating and controlling them for our mutual benefit.

NFR is proud of the ability to provide complete results that are accurate, current and consistent on all reports provided to our customers.

NFR has quality control checks in place for both our inspectors and inspection results. These controls are built into the automation used in the field, the system used in house, in the review conducted in house, and with audits conducted both in house and in the field.

When inspectors apply to work for NFR, we check references, insurance coverage and do a thorough criminal background check and interview each potential inspector to review their experience and competency.  Because some inspections require interviewing occupants, NFR only recruits the best inspectors because they not only represent NFR, but also our customers. Inspection and Preservation contractors are required to execute an Inspection & Preservation Agreement, an SLA, a Confidentiality Agreement, and a Code of Conduct.

Photographs and written inspection results are reviewed by experienced specialists for accuracy and validity. This includes comparing any previous inspections to the current inspections, making sure any provided information is clearly shown in good, clear photos. Our system is programmed to identify and stop duplicate photos. Inspection dates are reviewed to make sure a consistent schedule is being followed per the customers’ requests whether it is a one-time, weekly or monthly inspection.

Inspection audits are conducted by experienced personnel on a frequent basis to validate inspection results and ensure high quality results each and every time. These audits take place in the field and in house.

Quality, professionalism, accuracy and timely service are hallmarks for NFR.


Mortgage servicing professionals across the nation rely on NFR to provide field services with the integrity, commitment, professionalism and results-oriented focus for which we are known.

From residential inspections and preservation to REO maintenance and inspections, NFR makes field servicing fast, reliable and hassle-free. To appreciate the depth and quality of our solution, request a free, no-obligation demonstration of our Web portal. Contact NFR today to discuss our systems, procedures and unified focus on producing superior results for you.

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Snow Removals and Lawn Cuts – At the same time? 4/17/2014
With this year’s amazingly long and severe winter we have actually extended, on an as-needed basis, our snow removal “season” from March 31st to April 30th. Ironically, at the very same time lawn cuts have started in many parts of the country.

If you have received a list of properties to review for placement on the lawn cut system and have responded – our thanks.

If you have not yet responded, we would appreciate you doing so for our mutual benefit.

If you need a new list, please contact your Preservation Coordinator and we will be glad to arrange same.

8th Annual Mortgage Servicing Conference 4/3/2014
NFR will be attending the 8th Annual Mortgage Servicing Conference, April 23-25,2014, at The Westin Galleria in Dallas, TX. Please visit our booth and learn about our new product to assist in verifying the correct property is inspected or secured.

NFR – Keeping us both out of the News! 3/17/2014
We have introduced a Photo Verification procedure. Mortgage & Servicing companies verify a photo against their records and that verified photo then accompanies each order released to the field. Contractors confirm they are at the correct property by comparison to the verified photo prior to completing any work. Assurance of compliance and reducing errors is our mutual goal. Ask us how this new Photo Verification Process can work for you.

National Mortgage Servicing Conference & Expo 2/18-21/2014
NFR will be attending the MBA’s National Mortgage Servicing Conference & Expo on February 18-21, 2014, at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, FL. Please stop by booth #909 and meet our staff, Steve Cossingham- President, Margie Schagen-Business Development Manager, Mary Hoch-Business Development Specialist, Korrie Goodspeed-Preservation Supervisor and Dawn Lawrence – Preservation Supervisor. Leave us your business card for a chance to win an iPad Air.



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