About National Field Representatives

Every day, mortgage servicers rely on NFR to protect their properties across the country and provide reliable field services with integrity and commitment. We offer results-orientated services ranging from Residential Inspections, Property Preservation, REO Maintenance and much more.


#1 in Quality Performance  – We are recognized by the largest servicers in the country as #1 in quality performance. We are often acknowledged for our ability and willingness to adapt to our clients’ processes and protocols.

100% National Coverage – With the best and largest network of contractors in the field, NFR serves clients in all 50 states, completing over 120,000 inspections and 10,000 preservation orders every month.

Over 275 Years Industry Management Experience – The members of the management team have been with the company for an average of 14 years, offering unmatched ingenuity and experience to clients.

Service with Integrity – Driven by dignity and integrity, NFR has the best and largest network of contractors in the field, allowing us to solve the most complex field services challenges.

Reputation – Our clients have shared with us that they feel NFR is the only field services company that does what they say they will do with integrity, reliability, and dependability.

Bid MilestonesTM  We use a robust tool that tracks a property preservation bid from its inception, through the various stages, until the final decision (approval or denial).  It is a powerful tool that provides easy identifiers of current status for NFR, our clients, and the loan insurers.

Established 1989 – With a strong vision and good, old-fashioned work ethic, founder Steve A. Cossingham grew NFR from just four employees in 1989 to a company with more than 250 employees today.

Client-centric – Your success is our success. We understand your business is unique so we make it our business to understand your requests. We believe that by protecting your properties, we are not only protecting our partnership, but also protecting you.


National Field Representatives has built its reputation on more than 30 years of proven experience in Mortgage Field Services. NFR was formed in 1989 when we purchased the assets of two companies, Old West Services and Representatives of New England, with 15 years prior experience.

Since then, we have built one of the strongest national networks of pre-screened, pre-qualified contractors in the field services industry. Managed by our experienced staff, this network and our service offerings are structured to easily adjust to diverse requirements of mortgage servicers nationwide.

Working in the field services industry for more than three decades has taught us what matters most to mortgage servicers. We have built our business around four principles to deliver on those priorities: Accuracy, Timeliness, Customer Service and Technology. These four principles are what sets us apart from the other field servicers, and form the foundation to our mission of superior, consistent service.


When Steve Cossingham founded National Field Representatives in 1989, he thought he was building a business. In that, he succeeded; three decades later, we’re left to wonder if his achievements surpassed even his optimistic expectations. Starting in a small hidden building behind a storefront in Windsor, Vermont, NFR grew to a large property preservation company that now boasts a workforce of hundreds in two states, and a national network of field contractors across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Under Steve’s leadership, NFR became one of the most respected names in the industry, exemplifying excellence and integrity.

Significantly, Steve made NFR a family business. He invested an unprecedented amount of personal time and resources to every NFR employee. Their personal struggles were his struggles, their triumphs, his own. His confidence and faith in his staff was unwavering. The statement, “I can’t do this” was always met with an assertive, “Yes you can, now tell me how it’s going to get done.” NFR isn’t successful because Steve always desired excellence; it’s successful because he inspired that desire for excellence in others.

Some might consider NFR Steve’s legacy, but he’ll always be remembered first and foremost as a family man. He built a family in Newport and Claremont, New Hampshire. He built a family in Bradenton, Florida. He built a family of contractors across the US. Wherever Steve went, people were better and stronger for his presence. Whether donating time and resources to his local community, seeking to heal through the benefits of equestrian therapy, or lending an ear and a piece of sage advice, he was ready to assist people in need.

For those of us at NFR, Steve’s greatest legacy will always be his boundless capacity for love and kindness.

MAY 4, 1951 – APRIL 2, 2017

Our Principles

No other field service provider has combined these fundamental principles so powerfully to the benefit of Mortgage Servicers. The result is simple: we make your job easier so you can efficiently manage your business.


The NFR difference can be summed up in three words: attention to detail. With a nationwide network of qualified, trusted independent contractors, NFR performs rigorous quality checks and detailed reviews to ensure that the comprehensive reporting you receive is accurate and actionable.


Timely, precise service is the cornerstone of NFR’s business. NFR’s national network of qualified, trusted independent contractors uphold our standards of being on-time and on-budget. These rigorously vetted contractors are the eyes, ears, and hardworking hands that have contributed to making NFR what it is today.


We are known for our willingness to go the extra mile. Our commitment to customer service is such that we make it a core component of our employee performance evaluations. Any questions or concerns from our clients are fully explored and resolved. In addition to being responsive, NFR is committed to resolutions that prevent reoccurrences. We are large enough to serve you and small enough to know you and your needs.


NFR leverages the latest systems and tools to ensure that clients enjoy the shortest time cycles possible. In the interest of automating processes and increasing efficiencies, we are fully compatible with top tier technology interfaces including Black Knight and Fiserv.