Field Inspection for Banks

Field Inspections for Banks, Lenders and Loan Servicers

National Field Representatives (NFR) offers comprehensive field inspection services for banks, lenders, and loan servicers across all 50 states. With over 30 years of experience, our national network of professional inspectors are equipped to perform property condition inspections as well as a host of other specialized services such as occupancy verification, insurance loss inspections, disaster evaluation, code violation management, vacant property registrations, REO property management, foreclosure registrations & more.

NFR takes pride in delivering reliable and timely field inspection services that allow our clients to accurately estimate the condition of their properties. Our inspectors utilize cutting-edge, real-time field inspection software that enables them to efficiently schedule, track, and report client orders with the utmost accuracy.

Field Inspection Services for Banks Include

Occupancy Inspection

National Field Representatives verifies the occupancy of a property and provides clients with the necessary images and documentation to support their claim.

Property Condition Inspection

Our team performs in-depth real estate investigations, delivering detailed descriptions of a property’s condition to our clients. This evaluation allows our clients to make informed decisions regarding their assets.

Disaster Inspection

In the aftermath of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes, our disaster inspection services provide clients with comprehensive reports on the damage sustained. These reports can be utilized for repair, insurance purposes, or to apply for disaster relief from FEMA.

REO Check Inspection

Inspectors assess the interior and exterior condition of a property, identifying damages, code violations, and hazards. NFR secures, tracks, and reports on all required maintenance services as per the client’s request. NFR also performs inspection on other REO companies to ensure the client’s assets are being repaired as directed.

Insurance Loss Inspection

NFR conducts insurable loss inspections and evaluates the repair list supplied to them to determine compliance status of repairs. Our clients receive comprehensive reports explaining the damages and their causes, aiding them in determining the validity of insurance claims or identifying potential fraud.

Sale Date Inspection

Time-sensitive sale date inspections analyze a property’s condition before foreclosure or property transfer, providing crucial information within specified deadlines.

Due Diligence Inspections

Property inspection for potential site investors prior to purchase of a property.

Inspection Photography

Our inspectors conduct thorough property inspections and document the condition with high-quality images.

Foreclosure Inspection

NFR performs inspections on foreclosed properties to assess their condition and mitigate potential risks for investors interested in purchasing these properties.

Business Verification Inspection

NFR conducts on-site business verification inspections, helping lenders and financial institutions determine property legitimacy and prevent fraud.