Field Inspection Services

Field inspection services for banks, insurance agencies, and mortgage lenders in all 50 states. With over 30 years of experience, our team of professional inspectors will perform property condition assessments and inspection services for occupancy, insurable loss, disaster, compliance, REO foreclosure, bankruptcy & more. We pride ourselves in offering reliable, timely field inspection services that allow our clients to properly estimate the condition and value of their property. Our inspectors utilize real-time, field inspection software that allows them to schedule, track and report client orders accurately and with great efficiency. 

Our Field Inspection Services Include:

Occupancy Inspection 

NFR will verify occupancy of a property and provide our client’s with the appropriate images and documentation to support the claim. 

Property Condition Inspection 

We will perform real estate investigations and provide client’s with a detailed description  about their property and it’s condition. 

Disaster Inspection 

Disaster inspection services  provide our client’s with an in-depth report regarding the damage to their property as a result of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes. We will  provide a scope of property damage report which can be used for repair and / or insurance purposes, or to apply for disaster relief from FEMA. 

REO Check Inspection 

Our team of inspectors will assess the interior and exterior condition of a property.  Inspection services include damages, code violations, and hazards. NFR will secure, track and report on all required maintenance services per the client’s request.  

Insurance Loss Inspection 

NFR will conduct  insurable loss inspections, assess damages, and evaluate the next best course of action. Clients are provided with insurable loss reports explaining the damages and how they occurred. The client can use these reports to determine whether the claim warrants the damages, or if fraud is suspected.  

Sale Date Inspection 

Sale date inspections are conducted to analyze the condition of a property prior to foreclosure or property transfer. Generally, these types of inspections are time-sensitive with deadlines for service attached. 

Due Diligence Inspection 

A due diligence inspection is a buyer’s assessment of a seller’s pre-sale disclosure. This type of inspection allows a buyer to understand the condition of the property and identify areas of concern prior to closing or property transfer. 

Insurance Inspection 

NFR will identify remaining repairs resulting from an insurance claim or verify completed repairs have been performed successfully following an insurance loss. 

Origination Inspection

Origination inspections require a summary of a property’s condition, which can be used prior to funding of an origination, mortgage refinance, or home equity loan. 

Inspection Photography 

NFR will conduct in-depth inspections of a property’s condition and document the condition of the property with photography and images. 

Property Condition Report 

A property condition report, also known as a property condition assessment, is an evaluation of a property and its capital expenses. Conducting a property condition inspection and providing a detailed report to our client’s allows them to make informed decisions about their real estate assets. 

QC Compliance Inspection 

Protect your assets and your investments with a quality compliance inspection by NFR. Our assessors will evaluate a property for quality compliance, to ensure the structure and contents within meet any and all regulatory, state and local standards, and do not deviate from outlined specifications. 

Bankruptcy Inspection 

When property occupants file for Chapter 7, trustees are given authority to conduct a bankruptcy property inspection to assess the condition of a property and verify occupancy. 

Foreclosure Inspection 

Foreclosed homes risk being vandalized and when homes sit empty, certain issues can arise. NFR will conduct a foreclosed property inspection to assess the condition of a property, or to mitigate potential risks for investors looking to purchase a previously foreclosed upon property. 

Manufactured Housing Inspection 

A manufactured home inspection, also referred to as a mobile home inspection, is much like a general home inspection but inspectors note areas of concern specific to modular housing. Manufactured homes are often built to a unique set of specifications or with alternate fabrication materials, which could be more vulnerable to damage.

Rush Inspection

NFR will conduct  a rush property inspection to assist our client’s in meeting narrow deadlines for the buy, sell, or transfer of a property. 

Home Construction Inspection 

Home construction inspections are a required due diligence when property transfers are taking place on a home currently under construction or one which has been recently renovated. Our construction inspectors will inspect a property for quality framing and installations during the construction process, and again after construction is complete. This process ensures that all building specifications have been adequately satisfied. 

Business Verification Inspection 

Commonly referred to as on-site inspection, business verification inspections are used to determine the legitimacy of a property and to help lenders avoid fraud. NFR will conduct business verification inspections on behalf of a reseller,  lender, or financial institution.