Property Registrations

NFR provides property registration services in all 50 states for clients who want to lessen risks associated with vacant or foreclosed properties. We will quickly and accurately determine local and municipal asset registration requirements, and submit the registration forms on behalf of our clients. Our team of experienced processors will manage property registration services in accordance to client timelines, as well as track ongoing renewals. Foreclosures and vacant property forms will be submitted to the local municipality, and property de-registration will be conducted upon client disposition. A report will be issued to the client to help them manage their account.

Our Property Registration Services Include:

Property Registration Research

Property registration requirements vary state-to-state. NFR’s team of processors will conduct the necessary research required to help property owners meet all state and local registration requirements for vacant, foreclosed and rental properties, as well as properties under construction.

Property Re-Registration

NFR will re-register property assets following a move or custodial transfer. Failure to re-register a property can result in complications. Re-registering, commonly referred to as re-titling a property, requires the asset be reported to the appropriate county, the deed be vestes, and amendments be coordinated as needed.

Property De-Registration

De-registration is required for vacant or foreclosed properties. Failure to de-register your property could result in hefty fines or timely amendments. NFR will de-register properties on our client’s behalf and provide them with the necessary documents of record for their files.

Foreclosure Property Registration

Foreclosure property lenders are required to comply with specific ordinances requiring them to register as the legal owner with financial interest of said property. NFR will register foreclosed properties, submit the required registration fees, and track foreclosed property registration renewals due to local municipalities.

Vacant Property Registration

Vacant and/or abandoned properties or properties currently involved in the foreclosure process, have property registration ordinances which require owners to register the properties with local municipalities. Vacant property registration ensures the properties are known to the city or town they are located in and that interested parties are notified and aware of their vacant property maintenance obligations. City and town municipalities track the number of vacant properties inside a particular geography. Focus your resources on occupied properties by utilizing NFR to manage your vacant property registrations and renewals.