Utility Management Services

NFR is a national utility management services provider who specializes in the transfer, payment processing, certification, and utility research for property owners and lenders across the country. We provide thorough and detailed utility management for REO properties by overseeing ongoing service, deactivation, and facilitating the paperwork necessary to properly support our client-owned properties.  Resident services, payment processing and energy management are among the many services we offer. 

Energy, waste and water services have a large impact on your business. Timely management of these services can dramatically reduce utility service costs by identifying energy usage to help minimize expenses. NFR uses historical data to help your clients make informed, utility service changes that will save their business time, energy, and money.

Our Utility Management Services Include:

Utility Activation/Deactivation

NFR will provide utility service activation, deactivation, and oversee all utility transfer functions for REO properties. We will coordinate with local utility providers and municipalities to facilitate new utility activation, deactivation, and ongoing service for each individual property. Our team will review utility expenses, submit invoices, and provide our clients with supporting documentation related to utility usage, payments, and transfers.

Utility Payment Processing

NFR will handle utility payment and reimbursement processing to agents and brokers on our clients behalf. Property agents and brokers will be required to submit invoices, proof of payment and all utility related expenses to NFR for review. NFR will verify the utility management claims to ensure the claims are supported, and submit invoices to the client for payment.

Utility Billing

Utility billing can be time consuming and cumbersome for property owners and lenders managing multiple businesses. NFR will provide utility billing services to our clients that include monthly, detailed invoices for natural gas, electricity, water, and waste services.

Utility Certification

NFR will certify account activation, deactivation, payment, and billing for REO properties and provide written verification of due process.

Utility Research

NFR will provide historical utility research to help REO property owners assess their usage and expenses in order to assess areas in need of improvement. The information obtained during the utility research process can be used to decrease utility charges and expenses that occur due to timeliness, workflow funnels and inaccurate reporting or invoicing. Our team of utility research professionals will provide custom, integrated solutions, and practical insights to help property owners and lenders leverage utility usage for telecommunication, internet, natural gas, electricity and water usage.