Rental Property Maintenance Services

National Field Representatives provides essential rental property maintenance services nationwide.  Whether you’re a single-family landlord, a multifamily unit investor, or a mixed-use property manager, relying on a top-tier property maintenance service company is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your investment property.

Poorly maintained properties are at risk for asset depreciation. Landlords and investors rely on NFR’s property maintenance professionals to play a pivotal role in implementing predictive maintenance strategies, shielding our clients from sudden and often substantial property expenses.

5 Key Benefits of NFR’s Property Maintenance Services:

Lower Asset Depreciation:

  • Lower asset depreciation benefits landlords and investors by ensuring financial stability, tax advantages, and increased property value, while also attracting quality tenants and contributing to positive cash flow. 

Tenant Satisfaction:

  • Satisfied tenants are more likely to maintain leasing commitments and accommodate rental pricing adjustments. 

Emergency Call Reduction:

  • Mitigate major losses by relying on our emergency call response team, leading to lower costly repairs and replacements.

Increased Owner Confidence:

  • Have peace of mind knowing NFR’s professional team is maintaining your rental repairs and maintenance and protecting your assets.

Focus on Predictive Management:

  • Proactively address potential issues before they escalate, reducing emergency repair costs and minimizing disruptions for tenants, enhancing property value and overall financial stability in the long term.

Ensure the longevity and value of your real estate investments. NFR provides critical repairs and maintenance for retinal properties across all 50 states. Our team is dedicated to protecting and maintaining the value of your property investments. As a trusted property maintenance repair company, we  play a crucial role in keeping properties in top-notch condition, ensuring tenant safety, and decreasing tenant turnover

Importance of Property Maintenance Services:

Property maintenance services encompass a wide variety of services from property inspection to debris removal, cleaning and repairing, and scheduled upkeep. Our proactive approach means our clients prevent safety issues, tenant dissatisfaction, legal costs, and emergency repairs that may arise with equipment and assets.

Key Points to Consider:

Immediate Repairs and Emergencies:

  • Swift attention to immediate repairs is crucial to prevent escalating emergency costs.

Understanding the Dollar Value of Maintenance:

  • It’s essential for property managers to calculate the dollar value of maintenance services, emphasizing the long-term investment in property management.

Hiring a Credible Property Service Provider:

When landlords, owners, and investors are considering hiring a property maintenance company like NFR, expertise and reliability are paramount. Skilled providers contribute to increased confidence in property management and more timely and accurate service when needed.

A National Network for Rental Property Maintenance Contractors:

Recognized as one of the largest and most trusted rental property maintenance companies in the industry, NFR protects your business by protecting your properties. We specialize in single and multi-family rentals, Investor Inspections, Landlord Inspections, Tenant Turnover, and Property Registration.

Our Professional Rental Property Maintenance Exceed Expectations by:

  • Serving rental property equipment and appliances.
  • Ensure client properties meet all state and municipal safety standards and regulations.
  • Respond to year-round emergencies 24/7.
  • Work in various weather conditions, indoors or outdoors.
  • Restore high-risk properties in challenging environments.
  • Utilize modern property management systems for efficient ticket and work order management.
  • Take inventory of assets and maintenance needs.
  • Determine the budget and type of expertise required.
  • Assess current in-house capabilities.
  • Plan for future maintenance needs and growth.
  • Utilize property management software for task assignment and communication.

Our Rental Property Maintenance Services Include:

REO Secure

NFR will secure REO-owned properties from theft, damage, vandalism, and squatters following the foreclosure of a property.

Lawn Maintenance

Our REO property management team will maintain the home’s lawn and yard on behalf of the servicer. Services include mowing, landscaping, weeding, edging, trimming, and sweeping of paved areas like driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Circumstantial debris such as hedge and lean trimmings will be removed in compliance with local jurisdiction and municipality code requirements.

Janitorial / Remediation Services

NFR’s will assist lenders and loan servicers following bankruptcy or foreclosure. Our REO property preservation team will provision deep cleaning, window washing, floor wash and wax, stripping or polishing of the property as needed.

Debris Removal

REO properties often require debris removal to keep the property in optimal condition. Trash, furniture and garbage will be removed from the property and properly discarded.

Property Repair

REO property management includes repairs, rehabilitation and maintenance of the property and are performed using competitive materials. Repairs will be made following servicer specifications and the property will be restored to a marketable condition.

REO Property Preservation

NFR will provide REP property preservation and maintenance in compliance with investor conveyance standards to ensure title, occupancy and property conveyance conditions and regulations are met.

Property Rehabilitation

NFR’s rehabilitation services include repair, alterations, and additions to an REO property while preserving the properties aesthetic and/or historical character.

Emergency Maintenance

Emergency property maintenance services to lessen risk and protect the property as well as the lender investment. Our REO property management team will address the general welfare and safety hazards on an REO property, to include toxic materials, vandalism, water damage, plumbing issues, pool maintenance and electrical hazards.


NFR will winterize a property that is expected to be vacant during the cold season or throughout the year depending on lender and loan servicer requirements. Winterization services include maintaining the plumbing and associated system components to prevent freeze and/or damages. NFR will also perform De-Winterization services when requested.

Pool Maintenance

Ensure your property’s pool and its components are well-maintained and marketable. NFR will provide pool maintenance on a weekly or monthly basis to include start-up, chemical treating, draining, acid washing, filling and ongoing service. The pool and nearby premises will be secured to discourage unauthorized parties from entering the pool area.

Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

NFR will install, inspect or maintain smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors per local code requirements.

Water Heater Strap Installation

Securing an REO property includes the installation or maintenance of water heater straps. Water heater strapping is generally a compliance mandate made by local jurisdiction.

REO Eviction Management

When occupants are evicted, our REO property preservation team will support the eviction by working with local authorities to complete the lock-out process. We will remove any debris left-behind by the occupants and secure the property per the specifications outlined by state and local jurisdiction.

Hazard Claims/Insurance Claims Repairs

NFR has a specially trained REO management team, dedicated to dealing with damaged property hazard repairs when accidents or natural disasters occur. The team is familiar with the details, materials and time needed for extensive repairs to properties.