National Field Representatives’ corporate office is located in Claremont, NH. The New Hampshire office handles Administration, Residential Property Inspections, Preservation, and Special Services. The Florida office handles Property Preservation.

NFR provides national mortgage field services such as property preservation, property inspections, REO property maintenance, and utility transfer services throughout the United States.

The largest servicers in the country recognize NFR as the leading national preservation and inspection providers in the country. We’ve been noted for quality performance and our ability and willingness to adapt to our clients’ processes and protocols.

With the best and largest network of contractors in the field, NFR serves clients in all 50 states, completing over 120,000 inspections and 10,000 preservation orders every month.

Driven by dignity and integrity, NFR has the best and largest network of contractors in the field, allowing us to solve the most complex field services challenges. If you are interested in more information about our services, please contact us.

NFR Bid Milestones

We use a robust tool that tracks property preservation bids in real-time with 24/7 system updates from inception through completion. It is a powerful tool that provides easy identifiers of current status for NFR, our clients, and the loan insurers.

New Clients

Your success is our success. We provide mortgage field services, property preservation, and utility transfer services with excellence. Through our nationwide network of insured property preservation contractors, NFR strives to continuously improve upon our internal processes to mitigate risk and provide cost-effective services to our clients.


NFR offers professional mortgage field services as well as host of specialized services including business verification inspections, insurable loss inspections, REO services, violation management, vacant property registrations, foreclosure registrations, and more.